2020 spring summer fall 

Environmental Song-cycle NO PLANET B

Day of Wrath

Playing With Fire

The Sea Rises

Winter 2020-2021 Opera “LifeTimes”

3 Acts

  1. Growing up
  2. An American Living Abroad Tunesia-Paris-Israel
  3. Coming back

Here are projects from 2019, &  Winter 2020.

The last Bidart-Nijinsky song: “The Sacrifice” refers to a ballet in which a young maiden is sacrificed so that Spring will arrive again. She accepts this responsibility without questioning it. And, in the end, is referred to as a Saint!!

suefein132 · THE SACRIFICE preview

suefein132 · The Wife’s Song 3. May 29, 2020

Spring 2018: Continuing  my SyFy Opera “OutToThePlanets”

I’ve written most of Act 1 & Act 2 –

Winter 2019 Act 2 – Android Aria


look at  

not yet recorded

From Act 2 Rachel and the Turtle – is she a robot? She must pass a test!

Finally the Final Aria

Even the Weariest River/

This Opera is – to be finished this year. Then for a performance – with a “take no prisoners” orchestra [?] – We’ll See!!!