Fall 2017 new cabaret song, “IOU” eventually to be performed, from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story “IOU”, with Scott Joplin’s music interpolated: dedicated to the amazing Cheryl Stern, and to the 2 “Scott”s – here’s a preview – before the rehearsal yesterday with Cheryl and Seth:


Fall 2016- July 2017: I’m writing a SyFy Opera “OutToThePlanets” under the guidance of  Daniel Felsenfeld

I’ve written most of Act 1 – here is a selection of what has been already written!

Fall 2017 Recitative from OutToThePlanets – Mood Twister – for those who could/would not go OUT – fearing Flack from the sky? Hurricanes?  – go through All of your moods. Definitely beats going out!



Leaving for the Planets: The Future – those who could left for the Planets

Golden Oldies: recitative by a narrator who still hears them


Weird Skies: The Past heard from the future


From Act 2 Rachel and the Turtle – is she a robot? She must pass a test!



More arias as I write them! 

Stay Tuned!