Susan J Feingold  (that’s me!) recorded Old Love, which won August’s cabaret prize –

with a team from Rutgers’s U featuring the ravishing voice of Sonya Headlam.

In January 2016 I won the prize for classical a capella music, with Sonya singing soprano once again.

Sue&Jana, My Performance Art Musical was performed on Saturday , April 16-th in Barnard College’s Sulzberger Parlor – a Workshop production in an intimate venue. The audience loved it!

Vince Peterson my creative composition teacher explained to everyone how we got to this point! I started taking composition lessons with him in August 2013, after finally making a connection (not so easy for a new comer!)

The soloists were the noted Soprano – Brooke Lieberman Collins – whose rendition of Find a River left me shaking. Kristin Gornstein’s Jana was sultry – playing Jana to perfection. (Jana was indeed a bit sultry!)

A long time animal advocate I am now working on something called TRAPS, to celebrate the 20-th anniversary of my bid to the EU to ban cruel leg-hold traps.  The EU considered this for a year and then closed the motion without a ban! In my song about traps, the lyrics “suffering not quickly finished” is echoed!

My writing is not so easy to sing – so I’m hunting for the perfect chorus to sing the Environment Suite that I wrote last year.  click on Projects on this blog.

Judging from the 2016 election – climate change activists need all the help they can get. Message me!.



3 Responses to About

  1. Peter Kepp says:

    Hallo, Mrs. Feingold!
    Prof Dr Otto E. Roessler, Germany, wants to leave a message to you.
    He is not able to give a reply like i did it here.
    Could you please give him a direct email-adress?

    My email-adress is :

    The one of Roessler is:
    oeross@yahoo.com (the one of my last adress to him)
    oeross00@yahoo.com (the one of his last answer)

    By that `or´ about the adresses of Mr. Roessler I am not shure which one you should use.
    But you may use myone if you are interested to get a nice command of Mr. Roessler about a work you did some years ago.

    Best wishes, Peter kepp

    • Composer says:

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Kepp.
      I am not clear as to which aspect of the EPR experiment you refer, so I can not reply in an intelligent way to your comment. To the best of my knowledge, Dr. Alain Aspect performed an accurate experiment in the late 1970s proving authoritatively that there can be no such things as “hidden variables”.

      I understand that a Dutch team recently “re-proved” this. I have no idea why they thought they had to reprove it but I did not look deeply into their current research which for me is no longer interesting as such.

  2. Peter Kepp says:

    I try to give the message from O. E. Roessler direct to you:


    Did it work?

    [Der Link, den ich Frau Feingold schicken möchte,
    ist übrigens: An Homage to CERN’s John Bell

    An Homage to CERN’s John BellHeraclitus’ Saying “The Wartime-Slaughterer is the Father of Everyone”: almost confirmed through Einstein’s Intuition Otto E. Rossler Institute for Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Tubingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 14, 72076 Tubingen, Germany Abstract

    View on lifeboat.com Preview by Yahoo

    Direct from me to you:

    I also worked on the problem and I found a mistake in the EPR-experiment!
    When testing the correlation of the attributes of the used light (quantums),
    only one of four shots are correlated. This is, by understanding the experiment,
    a normal constallation of probability. So the asumed effect is a big mistake
    in overlooking the principle mistake of that experiment.

    Best regards, Peter Kepp

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