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Summer 2018: I join Patreon as a “Creator” – as of today I have 5 patrons to help fund my performances – mostly musicians or in entertainment – they know what a task funding a performance can be

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Spring 2018 – March 24 – A Musical Evening of my theater songs and part of my Opera “OutToThePlanets”. At Barnard’s Sulzberger Parlor.

“IOU”, my new theater-song, in which a Spiritualist helps True-Love, despite an unsuccessful Press Conference 😉

AND from my Sci/Fi Opera OutToThe Planets:

Brooke Lieberman Collins – sings the refugee’s song
about how that person got to Here: After the Third World War

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Early 2018: On my pop-science page you will see a view of the expanding Universe


For as yet unperformed arias from OutToThePlanets – go to Projects

I hope you will enjoy the music and articles I have published here.

Very best wishes from Sue  little flower