Singles of the songs I have written, can now be downloaded – scroll down and follow the easy instructions:

{Scores are available from me [copyright SJFRecords] on request. Contact me at}

Sue and Sonya (1)
written by Sue and sung by Sonya

“Old Love” won a prize for best cabaret song! So download it, to hear Sonya’s amazing voice

just click on

And you don’t want to miss Sonya singing Waitin’ Again [for the email that never arrives]

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Winner of the prize for a capella singing “Harmonie du Soir” presents Baudelaire’s intoxicating  poem from his “Fleurs du Mal”  to download, click here:

Newsflash – here’s one you don’t want to miss!

The amazing Paul An –  with his interpretation of  Seven People Dancing – inspired by a Langston Hughes short story – you can tell that he enjoyed singing it!

to download click on

More songs coming after my March 24, 2018 performance

So stay tuned