Sring, Summer Fall 2020: VIRTUAL RECORDINGS

From my Nijinsky song-cycle

Allison Gish sings about Nijinsky’s Audience [in a dance video] and also his song as he swirls down further and further “To Mankind”

Brooke Lieberman Collins sang “Nijinsky’s wife’s song”

From my Environmental song-cycle

Savanna Green sang “Playing With Fire” and “The Sea Rises”. 


MaKayla McDonald sang “Day of Wrath”

see my YouTube channel sue jacobs feingold composer videos 

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Winter 2020 – pre-pandemic recordings by Alexis Rodda:

suefein132 · World War I WATCHED sung by A. Rodda

suefein132 · World War I TRENCHED sang by A. Rodda

Spring 2019: recorded 2 arias from my Opera + 2 unaccompanied songs

videography by Jason Ellis

here they are:

Status Symbols Opening Aria of Act 2 about People who had to stay on Earth, Cheryl Stern, Joy Hermalyn

A Cup of Sugar Closing Aria of Act 1 In which a lonely Tenor hopes that a shy Android will become his friend, Ravon Middlebrooks, Brooke Lieberman Collins

Baroque Dance: unaccompanied Art song for Mezzo-Soprano, Allison Gish

It’s All About You: unaccompanied Art song for Mezzo-Soprano and ‘reaching for the arts’ girls,Emilie &Ilia, Our Mezzo here is also Allison Gish

One more aria to go and I finish the Opera

Spring 2018 A Musical Evening with Susan J Feingold
theaters songs and Opera – something for everyone
singers Joy Hermalyn, Brooke Lieberman Collins, pianist Rebecca Ehren

Spring 2016

A Performance Art Musical 2016

My 2016 production is the Performance Art Musical Sue & Jana – a glimpse!


Brooke Lieberman Collins: “Sue”, Kristin Gornstein: “Jana”, Andrew Way: Tenor

Francesca Iannacone: “teen-aged Sue”

Sue & Jana sing “The Ties That Bind” duet aka “Aerogrammes kept us in touch”

“Later – Jana: Love has Nothing to do with our Ages

My theater songs:  The Waitin’ Triptych. – to be updated in 2020 to a Quartet with “Last Things”

My Choral Music: 

An a capella Art Song: a setting of Baudelaire’s Harmonie du Soir

Finishing 2016 with:

A “Jazzy” Theater Song: Seven People Dancing,  recorded in December 2016 by the one & only Paul An

– together with by Emilio Guarino, DB, Christine Chen, drums and John Austin Clark, piano